Parent Partnership

At ɫtv, we highly value our sense of community. It is one thing that all students, staff and families take pride in. We value connecting with you, partnering with you, hearing from you and working together to grow young people who have a strong conviction of who God has created them to be.

We encourage parents and caregivers to be actively involved and this partnership is expressed and experienced in all aspects of College life. Whether it be volunteering for events, assisting your child with their Home Learning, or liaising and partnering with staff to support and strengthen your child’s wellbeing and capacity to grow and learn.

The College’s Parent Participation program seeks volunteers for a whole range of essential tasks, of which parents are incentivised to volunteer for four hours, per family, per term. This College service is then credited to your child’s school fees for that term.

We recognise that it takes a village to raise a child, and so this active partnership between families and the College is essential to ensuring the best outcomes for your child’s education.