Know Your Norwest

Know Your Norwest (KYN) is one of our favourite events in the College calendar at the beginning of Term 1. It is one of the rare opportunities we have, as a whole community, to join together, to meet new friends, or catch up with old ones. We will be proceeding with a revised schedule for this year's event.

Whilst it is modified, the heart of Know Your Norwest remains the same, providing opportunities for the most important connections to be established. This event seeks to provide an opportunity for parents to hear from their child’s teacher, who plays a significant role in the life of their child. The event also enables parents to meet others who will provide support in various ways.

• Know Your Norwest onsite or live stream – for all families to meet relevant staff and hear key information for the year ahead. These meetings will be held on campus, and we anticipate most parents coming into classrooms to meet with teachers. We realise, however, that it is likely that many families will not be able to meet in person so we it will also be livestreamed. For families who join us on campus this will require an RSVP for a light meal.

• All parents new to the College are invited to a (Getting to) Know Your Norwest – this will provide specific information for new families regarding communication with the College, student profile access, camps, etc and will be held on campus, with refreshments provided.

Each of the Know Your Norwest events are designed to promote community and as such are considered family events. Food (a light meal or refreshments) will be provided by the College’s Parents and Friends Association.

Most important are the opportunities to connect with your children’s friends and their families, meet your child’s teachers, and learn information crucial to enabling a great start to the year, and so we encourage families to prioritise attending at the College. We also would like to provide parents with the opportunity to walk through the new Secondary building, which I’m extremely excited to be able to welcome you to. 

The program for the evening and registration is available on the College App.